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frog   Welcome to Neskaya.Net

Hello! Neskaya is a cute based design resource that also dabbles in a bit of anime, Ragnarok Online, and Final Fantasy. Here, you can find a variety of tutorials, graphics, layouts, quizzes, pixels, and whatever else that I like and want to put on the internet! This is version five of the site - not as well designed as version four, but it's a semi-temporary layout as I'm revamping a lot of things. Remember that you must be logged into Neskaya to download any layouts, phpBB3 skins, or emoticons, so join the forum and say hi, mmk? Read the terms before taking anything! Thanks~ ♥ Love, Strawbee.

frog   11/21/2009: 206 Icons

206 new icons in the Cute Girls and Little Mermaid sections. Teasers:

The order is a bit messed up though, the newest aren't necessarily the first. You might need to sift through the pages to find the new ones ^^.

Strawbee @ 2:54 PM, November 21, 2009. [ Comment ] Older Updates

frog   11/18/2009: 192 Icons, New Layout, LJ Layout, phpBB3 Skin, Tutorials

Huge update! I've been keeping busy. So I guess first, there are 192 icons in two new categories. 116 Cute Couples icons and 72 Halloween avatars. Haha, too late for Halloween and too early for Valentines, hm? That's how I roll. Teasers:

love avatar couples icon sadako icon

You know where to find the rest. There's a new web template as well as a matching livejournal layout. Not to mention an adorable new phpBB3 skin - the banner was made by Pandaholic, who won the contest a couple months ago! The previews are below!

final fantasy crystal chronicles layout panda phpbb3 skin

It's also the new default forum skin so you can view it live there, and join the forums - they've been a bit slow since the Google attack since everyone, including myself, gave up on it. :x Also, I was going to revamp the tutorials section a bit but seeing as how I'm leaving for Canada early in the morning, I just converted them to be compatible with the current layout in case some people find some use of them.

Finally, I'm hiring new site staff; follow the link for info. Okie, I may update while I'm in Canada, depending on if my sexy host has to study or something. :D Love you all.

Strawbee @ 12:00 AM, November 18, 2009. [ Comment ] Older Updates

frog   11/16/2009: More Icons and Quiz

Hey, look, I'm updating again~ Actually, look who hasn't slept all night because of a project and is still procrastinating right now? Haha, here's another batch of avatars designed for a more somber mood. Teasers:

somber icon somber avatar sad avatar

You know where to find the rest - category Sad Icons. I'll post another batch before I leave for Canada for a week on Wednesday! Also, note the new Who's Your Neskayan Soulmate quiz up in the quizzes section.

Hmm, last time I took it I got Bahamut2000x! I guess I should just have a big orgy with the forum moderation team. xD Anyway, I should get back to writing my paper, and kids? Don't turn out like me.

Strawbee @ 5:20 AM, November 16, 2009. [ Comment ] Older Updates

frog   11/14/2009: Updates, Renovations, and Current Situation

Okay, guys, so as you know, Neskaya has been a reported attack site for a while and Google has been blocking it. I've been meaning to get around to fixing this for ages, but life got really hectic and I just wasn't motivated to update! Plus, I had been trying and Google would not unblock it no matter what I did. Dx~ So basically, I deleted everything and am starting over. I've uploaded all the core content again but a lot of things are still missing! Hopefully this means that I won't have attack site status anymore... Unfortunately, this also means that 1) major prune of the forums; 2) everything interactive in the site is gone for now - this includes button rotation, topsites, plugboard, and top links. I do plan to bring those back and more eventually, though.

There's also a lot in terms of management of the site that I want to rethink. I don't have the time and energy to constantly be updating the site manually in terms of all the interactive materials... my e-mail is so full of spam I honestly won't be able to tell which are legit without spending way too many hours on it. ^^; I decided that I'm going to be delegating management of the site so that it will be a lot easier for everyone. I'll keep you guys updated as things become more definite! In the meantime, I'm sorry if I've been impossible to contact but that will change.

As for updates, I've made 768 new icons that I never got around to posting (a lot of them are Halloween ones... shame ._.) because of the attack site status. I'll be updating periodically with them. Look out for a real update, soon.

EDIT: I've released one batch of avatars for now - 110 cute girls avatars. Some teasers:

cute girl icon icons cute cute avatar

As you know, you can find the rest in the avatars section. Stay tuned for many more batches to come, soon!